Course Outline


  • APQP vs Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)

Overview of APQP and its Phases

  • Time-based milestones
  • Decision points

Collaborative Product Development

  • Suppliers and customers

Planning and Defining an APQP Program

  • Defining the requirements, team, communication protocols, etc.
  • Drafting the quality program.

APQP in Product Design and Development

  • Reviewing inputs.
  • Generating outputs.

APQP in Process Design and Development

  • Developing a manufacturing system.
  • Developing a control plan.

APQP Product and Process Validation

  • Validating the manufacturing process and control mechanisms.

Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action

  • Reducing variation
  • Continuous improvement

Control Plans and Methodology

  • Data and control plan parameters

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of quality assurance concepts.
  • Automotive industry experience.


  • Engineers
  • Product development professionals
  • Technical leads
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • Technicians
  • Manufacturing professionals
  • Auditors
 21 Hours

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