Course Outline


Adobe XD and UX Design Tools

  • Assets and components used in Adobe XD
  • Design system environment in Adobe XD

Overview of Web Design

  • UX vs UI vs product designer
  • Low-fidelity design vs high-fidelity design

Setting up Adobe XD

  • Downloading Adobe XD
  • Navigating the Adobe XD UI

Designing Wireframes in Adobe XD

  • Integrating types
  • Adding colors and icons
  • Structuring with headers and footers
  • Layering with multiple web pages 
  • Using repeat grids
  • Creating and updating symbols
  • Creating gradients
  • Using mood boards and other resources

Wireframe Web Cycle

  • Uploading the wireframe for comments on Adobe XD
  • Recording and documenting the interactions using Adobe XD

Web and Mobile Integration

  • Adding Adobe XD interactivity
  • Integrating an Adobe XD CC compatible software (E.g ProtoPie)
  • Creating a simple app in Adobe XD
  • Adding micro interactions
  • Adding native features to the app
  • Creating a pop up box

Summary and Conclusion


  • Experience with UX and web design


  • Web designers
  • Mobile application designers
  • Frontend developers
  • UX engineers
  14 Hours


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