Course Outline

1 – Digitization and Its Impact to Contemporary Businesses:

  • Content includes but is not limited to:

               1. Digitalization and its presence in everyday business delivery.

               2. Success stories in digitization, robotics and automation.

               3. Maintaining Business Integrity in Digital Transformation.

               4. Reflective Activity: How would we apply this to our landscape?


2 – Application of Digitization on Different Business Delivery:

  • Content includes but is not limited to:

               1. Application of Digitization to Different Areas of Businesses:

                             a. Training and Development

                             b. Human Resource Management

                             c. Day to Day Operational Delivery

                             d. Sales and Marketing

                             e. Logistics and Facilities

                             f. Workforce Management

               2. Reflective Activity: What are our strengths in adapting digital transformation in our departments?


3 – Tools to Use for Digitalization:

  • Contents include but is not limited to:

               1. Data Management and Streamlining in Enterprise Wide Transformation

               2. Internet of Things and other Automations

               3. Consumer Facing Approaches

               4. Maximizing the Workforce in a Digitally Transformed Delivery.


4 – Planning Activity 

  • 2-hour planning and laying out of digitalization activity respective of the unit of the participants. Presentation and critique will be done per each proposal and indication on how to make proposals more plausible and applicable.
 7 Hours

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