Course Outline

Introduction of Trainer and Participants

Overview of the MBTI Assessment

  • Jung's Theory as the Foundation of MBTI
  • The 4 Dichotomies of MBTI Personality Preferences

Identifying Personality Types Using the MBTI Instrument

  • The 16 Personality Types

Decoding the 4-letter MBTI Result

  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Personality Types
  • How Each MBTI Personality Types Adapts to External Changes

Understanding the Contributions of Oneself to the Workplace

  • Fundamentals of Personal Development

Recognizing the Personality Types of Teammates

  • How to Respond to Contrasting Personality Preferences in the Workplace

Implementing the Appropriate Behavioral Approach

  • Managing the Diverse Personality Types of the Organization

Summary and Conclusion


  • No prior experience or prerequisites are required for this course


  • HR Managers
  • Business Teams
  • Employees in general
  14 Hours


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