Course Outline

Business Process Management Awareness

  • Generic BPMS Tools and Suites
  • Characteristics and Capabilities
  • BP Center of Excellence

Business Process Modeling with BPMN

  • Iteration/Repetition/Looping/Links/GoTos
  • Complex Event Types
  • Transactions and Compensation
  • Ad Hoc Processes
  • Exception handling
  • Complex activity inputs & outputs
  • Types of Activities
  • Activity Lifecycle
  • Choreography

Workflow Patterns

  • Workflow Patterns, as described in Chapter 10 of the BPMN specification and the Workflow Patterns Initiative

Business Rules

  • Business Rules requirements
  • Structural Business Rules
  • Decision Models
  • Fact Models
  • Process Elements and Decision Points
  • Creating Business Rules based on business requirements

Architecture Topics

  • SOA awareness
  • "fit" between SOA and process orientation
  • MDA awareness
  • MDA and Business Process
  • Modeling for execution

IT Infrastructure and Business Process

  • Service-Level Agreements
  • Process Configuration Management
  • ITIL and COBIT-based technology management
  • Privacy and Security Standards and Enforcement

Monitoring and Managing Processes

  • Types of available process data
  • Retrieving performance data from processes
  • Analytics & BAM tool setup awareness
  • Implementing BP analysis and simulation tools


OCEB Fundamental Certification is REQUIRED!

  14 Hours


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