Course Outline


  • Why is it important to establish company values?

Defining Types of Values in the Organization

  • Knowing the difference between values and behavioral standards
  • Why do companies need an identity?

Overview of Company Culture and Core Values

  • Understanding how values affect individuals
  • Recognizing the impact of values on co-workers and clients

Client Passion: Achieving Goals with Committed Client Care

  • Listening to clients and setting expectations

Integrity: Acting with Honesty and Respect for Others

  • Performing your best while staying truthful

Make It Simple: Knowing and Applying the Worth of Time-Saving

  • Keeping work simple v.s. keeping it easy
  • Coming up with uncomplicated innovations

Own It: Acknowledging Responsibility for Actions and Decisions

  • Taking charge of your work and managing failures

Make It Count: Leveraging Your Competencies for Long-Term Impact

  • Staying proactive and practicing time management

Embrace Change: Adapting to Differences while Adopting Innovations

  • Overcoming setbacks and stepping out of comfort zones
  • Implementing techniques for resilience in the workplace

Grow Together: Appreciating the Workplace Diversity and Creating Positivity

  • Participating in teamwork and team building activities
  • Solving problems and taking challenges as a team

Making Company Values Mean More Than Just Values

  • Carrying out core values into day-to-day efforts

Exploring Opportunities for Growth Outside Company Values

Summary and Conclusion



  • No prerequisites are necessary for this course


  • New Employees
    • Workplace Teams
 4 Hours

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