Course Outline

1. Introduction to the issues of communication

  • Communication process and its stages
  • The importance of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Techniques and tools for effective communication.
  • Direct communication and communication using the media: telephone, e-mail, instant messaging

2. Principles of effective communication as an essential element in effective contacts in the organization

  • Self-analysis of one's own style of communication
  • Communication errors, their correction and avoidance
  • Communication barriers
  • Stages of creating an interpersonal contact

3. Effective conversation

  • Shaping your own image as the sender and recipient of the message
  • Assertive response to objections to criticism and praise
  • Recognizing and avoiding communication barriers, active listening as a tool of effective communication  recognizing and coping factors disrupting listening and understanding statements
  • The art of asking questions
  • Psychological mechanisms and techniques of exerting influence

4. Intercultural aspect of communication

  • Basics of proximics - distance in communication
  • Formulating messages in intercultural contacts
  • Self expression and intercultural perception
  • Cultural reading of messages
  • Cultural attitudes in everyday communication and negotiations
  • Making decisions in the cultural aspect

5. Basic principles of intercultural communication

  • Contact-oriented cultures
  • Principle-oriented cultures
  • Propartner and pro-trading cultures
  • Ceremonial and non-ceremonial cultures
  • Monochrome and polychronic cultures
  • Does "a" always mean "a"? -hidden assumptions and concealed expectations in communication with representatives of particular cultures

6. "Contractor's instruction manual" - what to do, what rather not and a total "faux pas"

  • Western European Cultures 
  • Cultures of the former USSR states
  • American culture

7. Summary


The course is general in nature and participation in it does not require specialist knowledge
  14 Hours


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