Course Outline

Introduction to communication

  • the communication process and its stages
  • the importance of verbal and nonverbal communication
  • techniques and tools for effective communication

Principles of effective communication as an essential element in the effective contacts in your organization

  • own self-analysis style of communication
  • communication errors
  • communication barriers
  • stages of development of interpersonal contact
  • direct communication and telephone communication

Communicating in organizations

  • network communication in an organization
  • information flow models and their optimization
  • tasks and internal communication tools

Effective conversations

  • development of self-image as the sender and receiver of a message
  • factors affecting the quality of professional contacts between staff
  • active listening as a tool for effective communication
  • confounding factors hearing and understanding speech
  • art of asking questions
  • psychological mechanisms and techniques to influence

Steps to build the team and their impact on cooperation

  • stages of team development: principles of operation and hazards on each of them
  • way to work on all of them
  • team roles and their identification

Conflict and competition in the group as the biggest threat to cooperation

  • sources of the types of conflicts
  • strategies for dealing with conflict
  • competition in the band: pros and cons


Sources of the types of conflicts

In harmony with each other and good relations with others - the concept of assertive behavior

  • the concept of assertiveness
  • your own rights
  • when you decide to be assertive
  • types of behavior: aggressive behavior, submissive, assertive
  • building "I" messages as the basis for an assertive expression of opinions, judgments and emotions
  • why we are afraid to say "no" - what stops us
  • self-assertive treatment emanating from himself

What does it mean to respect you and each other - what happens if we agree or refuse

  • ability to deny and refuse admission
  • ability to argue
  • manipulation
  • acceptance of negative and positive responses to forms of criticism
  • giving constructive feedback
  14 Hours


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