Course Outline

1. The 5 Stages of conflict resolution

  - Deciding how everyone will act in conflict before it starts

  - Managing yourself better in conflict

  - Understanding and Resolving Conflict

  - Rehearsing the conflict interaction

 - Learning from conflict

2. Deciding how everyone will act in conflict before it starts

- Building effective social contracts
- Negotiating breaches to the contracts

- Refreshing social contracts

3. Managing yourself better in conflict

- Understanding and removing the violence that gets in the way of conflict resolution

- Developing awareness of the impact of the bias you bring to conflict and how to mitigate bias

- Moving from actions formed by beliefs and assumptions back to the full facts of the conflict

- Spotting bias in the conflict and negating the impact

- How to maange yourself when you are emotionally triggered by conflict

4. Understanding and resolving conflict

- Understanding the motivations, the wants/needs and the roadblocks of the other party in conflict

- Learning to "Slow Down" conflict to be more effective at resolving it

- Empathetic listening and achieving positive confirmation

- How to avoid getting "Stuck" in the conflict itself, and how to ensure the conflict is truly resolved

5. Rehearsing the conflict

- How to use neuroscience to gain different perspectives on the conflict, so that you can develop a different approach to the "critical" conflict convesration

6. Learning from the conflict

- Learning from how the conflict was resolved

- Reflecting on what you learned about how you performed during the conflict

7. Recap and active discussion

- Review and reminder of the most useful models

- Discuss specific conflict situations

- Conclude with action



  • Self-awareness of a need to resolve business conflict more effectively
  • Team based delivery of this course is ideal, but we also cater for individuals


  • This program will benefit all managers, supervisors, executives, HR personnel and professionals who work wthin environments where conflict is either ignored or resolved poorly.  The course will teach tools and models that can be used to enhance your own resolution of conflict, but can also be used to help others acquire the critical skills to be successful in the modern professional workplace.
 7 Hours

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